The Sojourner

The Sojourner is a Class that grants uncontested mastery of the most elusive magic Teleportation.

As a novice your maximum distance is just enough to get you through walls or locked doors or escape the grip of a foe. Teleporting blind poses its dangers but the risk is often outweighed by the rewards. At times you’ll be able to swiftly teleport to gain advantage on an attack or carry an ally with you, or teleport out of harm’s way.

As you grow in experience you’ll learn to travel farther, propel enemies through the aether into the simple danger of gravity’s embrace or trade places with an ally.

At the loftier heights of your power you’ll be able to hurl enemies deep into the earth or trap them in walls, confine enemies in demiplanes, and ultimately, open portals to the farthest reaches of the multiverse and draw your foes through such gates into the clutches of horrors beyond, the punishment of the Hells, or judgment of the Celestial realms.

Three unique means of interacting with the Aether Flows await

1. The Bogman, tainting the aether to create an animate mass you can manipulate.

2. The Trailblazer, opening portals through which friend and foe alike can travel, but danger awaits those that attempt passage without your approval.

3. The Evenflow, a master of the Tesseract that can store vast quanities of material, invigorate allies by hiding them within and confine foes far sooner and more often than other Sojourners.

Teleportation is one of the ultimate fantasies of freedom. Give this a try, all feedback is appreciated!

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