The Song of the Last Heroes 8 City of Philosophers

CITY OF PHILOSOPHERS is the eight adventure in the great odyssey called The Song of the Last Heroes.

Arriving in Attica as dignataries from Kirikos, our party of heroes is received by a neverending barrage of merchants, nobles, and hierophants that consume the City of Reason’s everyday life. In Athens the characters must learn how to behave as heroes in a way that does not include slaying monsters and saving villages.

Opportunities abound here, and the characters must be smart on their navigation through the city, allies and enemies lurk in every corner and a reckless gamble might prove deadly in the long term.

This supplement continues The Song of the Last Heroes, quickstarting its Book II. The bulk of the content, however, can be used as a setting guide that can be reused in the many occasions where the party will return to Athens during the Song’s second and third book. The 8th Verse can also be used as a guide for locations and encounter lists for any urban locales in Hellas, even for Ancient themed adventures which are not part of the Song.

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