The Torch Carrier Level 0 Shadowdark Gauntlet

Traveler! In The Torch Carrier, the rumors of a chamber of gold reach the capital, and soon, travelers and adventurers come to Drake’s Pass to investigate. People ignore that the ruins in the woods belonged to long-gone sphinxes. And that the magical creatures made sure that no one would ever rob them of their gold. Even if that meant destroying their treasure forever.

This is an adventure that makes a group of peasants gather and explore an underground tomb in the woods. They must overcome several challenges and defeat monsters to witness the chamber of gold in person. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to escape from the sphinxes’ last trap…

I am happy to say that this adventure is a collaboration with a long-time friend Derek from Elven Tower. I am proud to have one of my phased maps featured front and center in this adventure! I think it all came together really well! I highly encourage you to check out Elven Tower Adventures Patreon!

The adventure is available in its full to both of our Patrons! If you are a Patron, you can download it here:

Here’s a little preview of the adventure:

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