What the Fog Hides

In the awakening of the god of death, at the hour of twilight, her breath surrounds the world, becoming mist, the passage of those who are residents of The Between.

You awaken, unable to rest, unable to live. You explore this strange place in search for explanations, meaning, clues. Most here are monstruous and attack at first sight, some are woken too. No one like you.

What The Fog Hidesis a games of mixes

  • Asolo journaling game with hints of tactical combat.
  • It’s setting is a mix of Sekiro Shadows die twice and Elden Ring.
  • It’s based ontheFirelights SRDwith combat mechanics inspired byColostle.
  • This game is a partnership between myself andMundos Infinitos(Check his games out!)

Firelights SRDisby René Pier Deshaies. The game wasreleased under CC BY SA 4.0. You are welcome to take this game and make it yours, hack it, or create something totally new with its mechanics, even commercially.

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