Wizzle Quickfingers (One Page NPC)

Wizzle Quickfingers is a wiry and sprightly goblin with a mischievous glint in his eyes. His emerald green skin is adorned with smudges of dirt and vibrant streaks of paint, suggesting his affinity for pranks. Wizzle’s clothing is a patchwork of colorful fabrics, and he wears a peculiar fisherman’s vest festooned with pockets of all shapes and sizes, some containing peculiar trinkets. His nimble fingers are in constant motion, fidgeting with odds and ends.

Included in this PDF

  • Background and roleplay notes for Wizzle Quickfingers
  • Unique Stat Block for Bister the Cartographer, featuring a new ability calledConfetti Blast
  • VTT token suitable for Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

Wizzle Quickfingers features in both the guide to Mirthwood Hollow & Goblin Rodeo

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