6083 Game Master’s Manual Full Color PDF

This is the FULL COLOR version of the 6083 GM’s Manual it features a full color layout and includes content that is unavailable in the free version.

6083 is an original tabletop role playing game set in the far flung future. You play as elite military operatives who are tasked with the protection and safety of the citizens of the Central Alliance of Planets.

6083 features an original ruleset and a unique universe with deep and compelling lore. It is a skill based system with a heavy emphasis on skills and unique gear items for character progression.

The GM’s Manual provides the complete set of mechanical rules necessary to run a game session. The Player’s Manual and the Alliance Market are also required to run a session.


ALL of the rules needed to run a session of 6083. It doesn’t include augments, optional skills, character creation or character advancement those can be found in the Player’s Manual. It DOES include ALL of the rules and game mechanics needed to adjudicate personal combat, vehicular combat and aerospace combat. It also includes everyting needed to resolve situations and non combat encounters!

It includes a set of QUICK START rules. This basic ruleset can be used to run the game, but they are simplified, in order to further streamline play. These are excellent for new GM’s who haven’t run 6083 before. These rules are also modular this allows a GM to include the normal rules as they see fit.

Tons of Lore and setting information. Enemy factions, stellar locations and a detailed codex are all included. This book is large, but the majority of the GM’s manual IS LORE based.

Original art created for the world of 6083. ALL the books feature unique illustrations that have been created specically for this game.

A time tested ruleset. All the rules have been extensively tested over a period of 35+ years, in a multiple play groups. While not every rule is required to play, there are rules for almost every potential situation GM’s can use these as desired or necessary.


LOTS MORE LORE over 40 more pages of stellar setting locations with their respective histories.

A full color presentation. All art is in full color, and the book layout includes style and design elements not included in the printer fruiendly PDF version.

MORE ART. The printed version includes many illustrations that do not appear in the PDF version.

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