6083 Player’s Manual Full Color PDF

THIS is the DEFINITIVE version of the 6083 Player’s Manual. The layout is presented in full color, and features content NOT available in the free version.

6083 is an original science fiction tabletop role playing game set in the far flung future. You play as elite military operatives who are tasked with the protection and safety of the citizens of the Central Alliance of Planets. Hold the line, and fight the good fight!

6083 features an original ruleset and a unique universe with deep and compelling lore. It is a skill based D100/ 3D6 system with a heavy emphasis on skills and unique gear items for character progression. It is hard science fiction, but with a dash of fantasy. If you like movies like Aliens, Stargate, Star Trek, Serenity and Star Wars, you are going to feel right at home. The game system is built around it’s unique combat system, but features plenty of roleplaying opportunities as well. This is a modern game, but it has an old school feel due to it’s design. Players are encouraged to be clever and resourceful in order to thrive, and their decisions will definitely impact their survivability!

The Player’s Manual is a 6083 player’s resource for character creation, skills, augments, elite professions and character advancement. It is the first of the three required manuals in the 6083 game system.


An original combat system with enormous tactical depth. This system features frenetic combat that is driven by hit location and severity. Actions like aiming, taking cover and tactical manuevering are integrated into gameplay without the need for complex calculations.

Player character creation that is fun without being overwhelming. 6083 character creation is designed to reduce choice paralysis, but is deep enough to provide an infinite variety of interesting options. Choose from a wide variety of organic or synthetic classifications. Yes, you can be a robot, alien, or just a plain old Terran too!

A deep skill based system that allows for endless player character customization. No class restictions buy the skills you want and need to grow into the character YOU envision.

Personal combat, vehicle combat and aerospace combat share similar mechanics this stremlines gameplay and eliminates the need to learn separarte rules for different game modes.

A system that is designed predominantly for ease of play miniatures and maps are not a requirement.

Lots of lore and setting information. This game is designed around a fully fleshed out and original universe. While there is plenty of space and opportunity for homebrew, this game universe has a unique setting with a ton of detail. You’ll be able to build on that!

Original art created for the world of 6083. ALL the books feature unique illustrations that have been created specically for this game.

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