Assassins, Rogues, and Outlaws

Assassins, Rogues, and Outlaws

Ever feel that Rogues get a bad deal in most RPGs?

Do rules for stealth seem a bit lacking?

Do you get annoyed that everyone in your party can pick a lock and they are not even Rogues?

Does it annoy you when people spell Rogue incorrectly?

All these issues and more can be found in this sourcebook, along with

  • Rules for creating your hideout and building your gang.
  • Two new Races the mannequin and the Ratkin
  • Five new Subclasses – The Poisoner, The Sell sword, The Scavenger, The Outlaw, and the Highwayman.
  • The Assassin Subclass reimagined.
  • Guilds and the benefits of joining one.
  • New Rules for Stealth.
  • New equipment, Weapons, and Armour.
  • New Rogue only Cantrips.
  • New Magic Items
  • NPCs and Gangs
  • And probably other stuff I have forgotten!

So, grab your copy today and make your parties Rogue and unique individuals, or just run a party of Rogues.

This game is 5e compatible and is compatible with many D20 RPGs, you will need the core rules to use this book.

Coming Soon – Book of Heists, 5 adventures for rogue gangs.

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