Blank Gridded Maps Pack

Add grids to your own photos and art with this easy blank gridded map set! Suited for both drawing on top of and integrating with Clip Studio Paint, these 3 blank maps (with a CSP version and a quality PNG version) are all set up with an eye catching border, lettering and numbering, and grid coordinates.

The map dimensions are

  • 25×18
  • 18×13
  • 7×10

How do I add photos and layers to the maps on CSP?

  1. Open the CSP version of the blank grids.
  2. Click and drag (or copy paste) your map image into the layers, putting it underneath the grid so that the grid is overlaid on top of the picture.
  3. Crop the image as needed.
  4. Export to JPG/PNG/whatever you need!

Simple, easy and efficient map making.

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This item is produced by Ryan Breadinc

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