Bunyip and Carnivorous Blob

Bunyips are exceptionally aggressive water predators that combine the features of a seal and a shark. Sleek bodies capable of moving onto land to catch prey attempting to escape the water, with the vicious jaws and blood frenzy of a shark, they are exceptional shoreline hunters. They dislike deep and open water, but can otherwise be found in a great many climates, from frozen polar fjords to tropical lagoons, and function in both fresh and salt water. Some specifics of their appearance will vary, such as polar species having thicker fat and often short hair for insulation, or some variants maintaining a shark’s dorsal fin, but otherwise they’re easily recognizable as the same species.

1st level troop [beast]
Initiative: +4
Bite +5 vs. AC– 4 damage.
Natural 16+:The target also takes 2 ongoing damage.
Blood Frenzy:The bunyip gains a +2 bonus to attack and damage if there is a nearby staggered enemy.
[Group Ability] C: Roar +6 vs. MD (all engaged enemies)– The target is dazed and can’t add the escalation die to its attacks while engaged with the bunyip (save ends both).
Group Ability:For every two bunyip in the battle (round up), one can use roaras a standard action once during the battle.
Swimmer:The bunyip is a fast and agile swimmer, but is slow on land. It takes two move actions for it to cover the distance of a normal move action while on land.
AC16 PD15 MD11 HP26

The origin of carnivorous blobs is not well known, but all agree it was some kind of magical horror show. Whether a pool of potion run off consumed by an ooze, some mutation in the flesh pits of the demons, or even if it just arrived in the core of a meteor falling from the Overworld, they do not seem to be natural in origin. Unfortunately, as these are some of the largest and most aggressive oozes out there, constantly hunting flesh to eat, study of them has not been very successful. The building sized oozes simply wash over entire groups in a blobby wave, crushing them and feeding on their bodies with terrifying speed. If one ever goes more than 24 hours without feeding, it falls into a state of hibernation, collapsing into a pool the color of congealed blood until something living catches its attention again and wakes it into a starving fury. They can remain in this hibernation state indefinitely it seems, as none have been found having starved to death yet.

Carnivorous Blob
Huge 7th level wrecker [ooze]
Initiative: +6
Vulnerability: Cold
Hungry Wave +12 vs. PD (1d4 attacks, each against a different nearby enemy)– 30 damage.
Natural Even Hit:The carnivorous blob grabs the target.
Miss:15 damage.
Constrict and Eat +16 vs. PD (all grabbed enemies, includes +4 grab bonus)– 60 acid damage.
Natural Even Hit:The target loses a recovery and the carnivorous blob gains 40 temporary hit points.
Miss:20 acid damage.
Flows where it likes:The ooze is immune to opportunity attacks.
Ooze:The ooze is immune to effects. When an attack applies a condition to an ooze (dazed, hampered, weakened, ongoing damage, etc.), that condition doesn’t affect it.
Reactive Strike:When an enemy engaged with the carnivorous blob hits it with an attack, the blob can make a quick pseudopodattack against that enemy as a free action. If the blob takes cold damage, it loses this ability until the end of its next turn.
Quick Pseudopod +12 vs. PD– 12 damage
Resist Lightning and Fire 16+.
AC20 PD20 MD17 HP400

Bunyips are real world cryptozoology, and made appearances in the 1st and 2nd edition of D&D. The carnivorous blob is essentially original to Pathfinder, but all manner of big oozes existed previous to it. Both these stat blocks were inspired by the Pathfinder 1e Bestiary 2.

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