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An infamous mercenary band has been devastated by a terrible battle, their employer’s have been killed or gone missing, and the emperor they had been hired to help overthrow is hot on their heels to extract their revenge. Just another day in the life of the Black Iron Battalion!

Heavily inspired by war movies and shows, as well as the classicBlack Companynovels by Glen Cook,Chronicles of the Black Iron Battalionis a one page TTRPG based on theYASS SRD, which tellsthe story of a group of highly skilled men and women on the run from the most powerful enemies imaginable. The game assumes the characters have dark backstories that lead them to forsake everything in their former life to become a member of the Battalion, and those histories can and will come back to haunt them!

NOTE This game involves mature themes and has the potential to be upsetting to some people. Please be aware before playing and always remember to take care of each other at the table. The use of safety tools are recommended.

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This work features adaptations of art by Daniel F. Walthall, originals found at, available under a CC BY 4.0 license

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