Commander Mass Battle Rules for Tabletop RPGs (Alpha Playtest)

Commander is a new rules system meant to help simulate mass combat in a tabletop role playing game. Using platoon sized elements as the base for combat, this new system offers a new take on mass combat!

In commander, combat proceeds in phases whereby the opposing commanders pick and choose cards to play, representing different tactics and modes of operation in combat. With the use of a new hit points system that tracks a unit’s physical health and morale, combined with the new tactics card system, Commander introduces fun and innovative play to any campaign that calls for mass combat!

Please note, this is an Alpha version of the rules set. This is meant for distribution for a playtest campaign being run. However, we do appreciate anyone who wants to take a look and provide feedback.

This playtest version is meant for integration with the 1st Edition Pathfinder Role Playing Game.

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