Encounter Tables Oceantop Bungalow

This is a bonus release of a type of content I’m experimenting with integrating into future release, encounter tables. In the feedback from our annual patron survey in March, one of the pieces of “accompanying content” you all indicated having value to the maps were “loose encounter/narrative suggestions relevant to the scene”.

I’ve love to be able to start doing scene-specific tokens and/or environmental illustrations as well, but those are substantially more time-consuming and rollable tables like this one seemed like a lower-stakes place to start.

This set of encounter tables was made to accompany the recent Oceantop Bungalow map released in July. As you will clearly see, it’s divided up into narrative prompts and combat encounters. The narrative prompts are further subdivided into scenarios focused on an ally, or conversely those instigated by a foe or otherwise antagonistic party. Meanwhile, the combat encounters are similarly subdivided into scenario scaling with Average Party Level (APL).

I WOULD LOVE feedback on this! I’ve been DM’ing for years now and obviously engage daily with the TTRPG industry, but am not trying to pass myself off as a professional writer or game designer. If there are things that are unclear, seem confusing, or could be more efficient please feel free to say so! Or if you otherwise have additional ideas for the function this type of bonus release could fulfill, would love to hear that too!


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