Girls Gone Vampire the Calamity of Ms. Fortune

Inspired by the romantic comedies of the 1950’s, mixed with Girls Gone Vampire’s signature horror romance themes, the Calamity of Ms. Fortune is a complete adventure that takes a group of Player Characters and introduces them to several of Noir York City’s ruling cults and supernatural denizens, culminating with a battle against an ancient and eldritch force from beyond the stars.

The Calamity of Ms. Fortune features 43 named NPCs with stats and profiles, detailing the leadership of several major cults, including the Boeotian Penthouse Club, the Belt of Hippolyte, PARTHANON, the Van Hattan Gentleman’s Club, and the Sin Eaters. This cast of Characters can be reused time and again in any ongoing Girls Gone Vampire campaign, and the aftermath of the events depicted in this adventure can be spun into multiple plotlines and further adventure opportunities.

For use with the GiRLS GONE VAMPiRE campaign setting sourcebook, the Total Party System Rules Handbook Girls Gone Vampire Edition, and Girls Gone Vampire A Bump in the Night.

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