Maelstrom | Storm Giant Lair Map Pack!

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Welcome to my interpretation of the Maelstrom, a three-level Storm Giant Lair based off the D&D module, Storm King’s Thunder!

These [3] levels provide an absolutely massive play area of 130 x 110 and provide yet another giant-based lair for your PC’s to explore (invade?), as they either work toward completion of the module, or follow the narrative of your own homebrew campaign.

Maelstrom centers around a sinkhole that has spawned a massive whirlpool, dragging ships and everything else down to its depths, where the giants pick apart the wreckage, salvaging what goods they want to keep and moving valuable cargo up toward the leadership.

As one travels up the coral castle, you gain access to kitchens, throne rooms, vaults, armory, scrying chambers and royal suites.

Of all of the Storm King’s Thunder maps I’ve done, I believe this one is the most beautiful with its otherworldly feel and deep blues and purple colors.

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