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By readers’ request, Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints are proud to offer this art free, unillustrated edition of the Oldskull Adventure Generator.

Whether you are a phone or tablet user, or if you are concerned about PDF file size, or you want to encourage content creators to not use AI generated artwork, or simply for aesthetic reasons, you will find that this edition contains the complete original text without any illustrations. (Diagrams created by the author are still included for purposes of clarity.)

Please note that pagination is compacted and very different in this edition; a PDF bookmarked Table of Contents has been provided for ease of reference.

Enjoy! If you would like to support 100% human created and authored content, this is your chance. I thank you for your patronage.


The world’s ultimate adventure creation tool. Infinite possibilities await you in dungeons, the wilderness, the seas, skies, netherworld, and the planes of existence. Whither are you bound?


Years in the making and now revised for the future, Wonderland Imprints supplement OLDSKULL ADVENTURE GENERATOR (GWG2) is the “Rosetta Stone” of the Castle Oldskull system, the one master system which binds all of the present and future supplements of the Castle Oldskull OSR gaming universe together into a massive unified imagination engine. Harness the power of over 30,000 data elements to create dungeons, villains, quests, and more. Your worlds of adventure will never be the same! Using this 300+ page supplement, you can create millions of unique adventures for your players. There are so many options, that in a lifetime of play no two adventures you create will ever be the same.

I believe (but would be happy to be proven wrong) that this is the most ambitious and extensive adventure creation tool available on the market. When combined with the CLASSIC DUNGEON DESIGN GUIDE series, you will have all the tools needed to design an entire fantasy realm that fits within a larger world of your own creation. Using this volume, you can create an entire campaign of multiple adventures, entailing wilderness journeys, dungeons, monster lairs, traps, tricks, treasure, and unforgettable tales. And when coupled with the GAME WORLD GENERATOR, you can create your own entire world of endless adventure and allow the Players Characters to journey anywhere. And while you both refine and refuse suggestions rendered by the random generators, you will be creating new realms of wonder — unique to your personal vision — every step of the way. Do you need a new island, temple, tomb, forest, swamp, mountain range, netherworld, or sea? This book will show you how to build them all, each uniquely detailed with their own locales and opportunities for play.

Another old school gaming experience from Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints, Only the Finest Works of Fantasy. (Over 350 pages, 109,000+ words.


To view the entire library of available titles for Castle Oldskull, Hawk & Moor, Old School Essentials compatible supplements, and more, please visit Kent David Kelly’s Wonderland Imprints publisher page.

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