Quaint Village School (30×48)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Quaint Village School. The layout is based on the Victorian era school that Cze attended as a child. We tried to convey a sense of safety with the wall and trees encircling the school grounds. And then undermine that in some of the variations, like Dark Presence, which is a great setup for defending the school at night from monsters in the trees.

This school is the latest map in our peaceful village series. We got a lot of messages and comments after the last map that you wanted more, so we’re glad to oblige!

Here are the remaining buildings we’re considering in this series:
– Butcher
– Baker
– Doctor
– Farmhouse
– Hunting Guild
– Witch’s Hut

Let us know in the comments if there’s any others you’d really like to see in this village. 🙂

Oh and for (hopefully) obvious reasons there wasn’t a massacre variation this time. But we made a fun paint party variation instead!

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