R5 Grim Forest

This is the fifth in an ongoing series of short adventures centered around the town of Rel, one of the few towns that survived the fall of the Republic of Merak. While written as a campaign, the adventures (or parts of them) can easily be run as standalone encounters.

This adventure follows R4 Reddle Creek. As war looms, profits await the Town of Rel is the only town near the old iron tree and bow tree groves and these are ideal material for siege engines and warships. Unfortunately, the old plantations lie within the Grim Forest, a site of old atrocities and haunted by the remnants of the war that destroyed Merak. If a PC falls in the Grim Forest and there is no one to hear, does this make a sound?

The adventure includes

  • History/Background
  • 14 Encounters (including the zombie pen mini game).
  • New Monsters Treant variants, new swarms, forest goblins, Green Miasma zombie, and the tree feller scorpion.
  • New Magic Items Rotbranch’s True Heart, Wegler’s Amulet of Command, Wegler’s Wand of Lightning, and Wegler’s Wrench.
  • New Items Iron oak armor, bow tree bows
  • NPC Stats
  • Library Use Rules
  • Color Maps

The companion ZIP file contains

  • Maps (with and without grid).
  • Illustrations
  • Fantasy Ground Unity Module NPCs, Images, Maps and Magic Items
  • Word File of the adventure

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This item is produced by Michael LaBossiere

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