Ravepocalypse A Complete Two Player (GM+1) Adventure

Dive into the heart pounding chaos of Ravepocalypse, an electrifying tabletop role playing experience designed for two players.

Forget complicated rulebooks and rigid mechanics Ravepocalypse embraces the rule of cool and unleashes the power of your imagination. Craft your own weapons from scavenged materials, battle hordes of terrifying and unique zombies, and survive in a world where death is permanent. The game empowers you to shape the story, making every decision, every action, and every thrilling encounter truly your own.

No need to be an experienced Game Master (GM). Ravepocalypse offers easy to follow mechanics that even a newcomer can grasp. The streamlined OSR based system ensures that both you and your partner can focus on the heart of the adventure surviving the relentless onslaught of the undead.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through a temporary in the desert, a massive week long festival filled with 70,000 ravers. Explore seven diverse points of interest, including the main stage, art installations, food court, and more. But beware, as each location presents its own challenges and secrets waiting to be unraveled.

Thirst, hunger, and exhaustion become constant companions, pushing your player to think strategically and make meaningful decisions. The need for food, water, and medical supplies can turn into thrilling quests, and finding shelter becomes a pivotal moment of respite.

As the sun sets on the rave festival turned apocalyptic wasteland, your player must navigate through zombie infested areas, tackling unique zombie types, such as crawlers or exploding undead. Every action counts, as they build their reputation and forge alliances with quirky NPCs that populate the festival grounds.


  • Complete GM+1 Roleplaying Designed for a GM and a Partner
  • Engaging Scavenging Explore the festival wasteland, scavenge for supplies, and craft weapons from unconventional materials.
  • Scarcity Challenges Manage thirst, hunger, and exhaustion as you face the constant struggle for survival.
  • Dynamic Combat Experience action packed combat with simple 1d10 rolls and relevant modifiers.
  • Creative Crafting Unleash your imagination and create unique weapons to face the challenges ahead.
  • Open Ended Sandbox Pets, Hideout System, Cooking System, Random Events, Loot Tables, NPCs, Quests and More!
  • New GM friendlySimple enough for a first time GM to run a great game, but the crafting system and included content will give vets plenty to sink their teeth into.
  • Self Contained Oneshot Seven Square Miles of Playspace (~

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