Requiem The Grim Harvest The Gothic Conversion


Requiem The Grim Harvest

The Gothic Conversion

Requires the AD&D Ravenloft

Adventure Requiem the Grim Harvest, to play

by Igor Comunale

This conversion updates to the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons the AD&D Second Edition Requiem the Grim Harvest adventure and seting for Ravenloft. This conversion also presents a new set of rules to play undead characters and new feats developed for undead characters.

The adventure can be played individually or as part of the Grim Harvest campaign of which represents the third and last episode, after the events of Death Unchained and Death Ascendant.

This adventure is suitable for characters from 6th to 10th level. If used as the second part of the Grim Harvest, the characters begin the adventure at 8th level.

In this conversion you’ll find

a full 5th edition conversion of the adventure

a new full set of rules to play undead characters like vampires, wights and mummies as players legacies

feats for undead characters

tips on how to give a real gothic feel to the story

variant events to make the adventure more challenging and scary

full non player characters converted statistics blocks

new monsters dream stalker, maggot zombie, bog mummy, and Ravenloft siren.

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