Summons and Familiars for every 5E Spell for Roll20 VTT

Have you ever leveled up during a game and got this sweet new spell that allows you to summon a cool creature, but couldn’t enjoy it because there was no token at hand?
Maybe you have a wizard in your party, who swaps familiars all the time because there are so many to choose from, but there are no tokens for all the options?
And hey, even villains deserve some magical minions at their side… Imagine how fun it would be to lure your players into an ambush by a single robed figure, who will suddenly conjure a small army of nasty minions!
This token pack contains all spell related summons for current 5th edition spells as well as plenty of different familiars.

Usable on Roll20 VTT out of the box!

58 handy tokens for summons and magical familiars

Animated object huge
Animated object large
Animated object medium
Animated object small
Animated object tiny
Avenger spirit
Bat familiar
Beast of the air and sky
Beast of the earth and land
Beast of the water and sea
Cat familiar
Clay spirit
Crab familiar
Crawling claw familiar
Dancing item
Defender spirit
Demon spirit
Despair spirit
Devil spirit
Elemental spirit air
Elemental spirit earth
Elemental spirit fire
Elemental spirit water
Fear spirit
Fish familiar
Frog familiar
Fuming and furious spirit
Fury spirit
Ghostly spirit
Hawk familiar
Homunculus servant alchemy
Homunculus servant classic
Homunculus servant mechanism
Lizard familiar
Metal spirit
Mirthful and joyful spirit
Octopus familiar
Owl familiar
Pseudodragon familiar
Putrid spirit
Rat familiar
Raven familiar
Seahorse familiar
Skeletal spirit
Skeleton shortbow
Skeleton shortsword
Slaadi spirit
Snake familiar
Spider familiar
Star spawn spirit
Stone spirit
Tiny servant
Tricksy and deceitful spirit
Weasel familiar
Wildfire spirit
Yugoloth spirit


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