The Marksman Class

The Marksman

Wandering through the vast plains of the west, the Marksman is a shifter of fate. Bending the rules to their whim, they can walk past any gunfight they start unscathed. Masters of the newest inventions across the material plane, these gunslingers are quick witted, tactical, and incredibly lucky.

The training that a marksman undergoes often leads to a specific regiment that their gunslinging talents lie within. Whether they are quick on the draw, masters of undead steeds, or master tinkerers, a marksman is a powerful adversary using inventions known to few on the material plane.

What’s Included?

The Class

Class features from levels 1 20 for the ranged martial class are present, including fate shaping abilities and a new Trickshot system utilized by Marksmen!


A Marksman’s subclass is known as a Regiment, 6 of which are presented in this class. When creating a Marksman, you can choose from the following regiments

  • Cowboy Quick on the draw, these marksmen are swift adversaries on the run from the law.
  • Gambler Tempting fate on a deeper level, the Gambler unleashes powerful boon’s from their fortune shaping cards.
  • Grenadier Creating powerful explosives, a Grenadier is a destructive adversary.
  • Hexslinger Tapping into the darker sides of arcane magic, a hexslinger combines magic with new technology.
  • Technician The most adept tinkerer’s of all marksmen, the Technician creates weapon modifications to enhance their firearms.
  • Wrangler Death is not the end for a Wrangler’s steed, as this marksman rides the spirits of the dead into combat.

Expanded Firearms Rules

The Marksman also includes expanded rules for using Firearms in your games, including new properties, and 5 different firearms to utilize as a player or GM!

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