The Small Book of Giants

Looming threats (or allies) present themselves in the Small Book of Giants.

This bestiary has nearly 50 stat blocks for Giant creatures to use as allies or antagonists in your world. From the elusive bigfoot, to the leaders of each kind of true giant, to titans, get a wide ranging set of Giants that span CR 5 all the way to CR 27!

A Small Book of Giants includes

  • 46 creature entries for Giants, with 49 stat blocks between them (including the planar Abyssal Giants, the space watching Celestial Giants, and the one hundred handed Hecatonicheres).
  • Each giant comes with Optional Legendary Actions to turn even a smaller enemy into a formidable fight.
  • Tactics for the different giants, which you can use to save yourself the hassle of figuring out how to use each one in a fight!

The contents page of the bestiary

The page of lore for the Cloud Giant Count/CountessThe stat block page for the Cloud Giant Count/Countess

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