The Void Bringer Class (with 3 subclasses and spell list)

In this PDF you will find entirely new class called the Void Bringer. It’s a wisdom based and proficiency based spellcasting sage that is fueled by destructive forces of Limbo plane of existance. It has 3 subclasses The Medium, that can enter a powerful but dangerous void mode to call it a day (chaos and damage all around), The Dancer more tanky option focused on close combat, swiftly moving around his/her foes, and The Shaper, more supportive class that has quite unique tricks in his/her sleve. This class has acces to Sorcerer’s spells list but come along with its unique own list of 22 spells spread across the spell levels from cantrips to anihilating 9 level spells. It took me many months of redesigns and playtests to finish this beauty, I hope you’ll enjoy it )

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