Wasteland Airport Runway (30×17 IN) Modern Digital Battle Map

Winds rip across the barren land carrying coarse sand like snow. Howling from one end of the long runway, you can hear the it cut through the broken windows of the control tower.

“The good are in the second ship.” She said over the radio while watching the rest of the crew make their way across the concrete through her scope. “Smells like a trap.”

Shots ring out from control tower tearing at the ground in front of her.

“Definitely a trap!” A response comes across the radio. “Take out that gunman so we can get this thing off the ground!”


This hidden runway fills the map and includes a strip of landing lights. Near by is a control tower that includes two levels, a storage room and stairwell, as well as the panel filled control floor.

Along the edges of the asphalt is a desolate and secluded land with little foliage.

Included are three different versions of the runway including one with multiple ships, and a broken up version with a crashed vehicle.

wasteland runway pat cover.jpg


In addition to the standard maps, Night and Dystopian color variants are included. There are three different map versions including the empty runway, broken runway, and a runway with parked ships.

Included in download

  • Wasteland Runway digital battle map.
  • Dystopian and Night color variants.
  • Maps and variations include versions with and without a grid.
  • Images are 30×17 inch digital battle maps and grids are 1 inch squares.
  • Includes universal VTT files for importing into the VTT of your choice.
  • All images are watermark free.
  • No physical products included with purchase.

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