Custom Character Traits for 5th Edition

Characters from the same race, or even the same family, may experience wildly different events, be born into different societies, or take on abnormal traits thanks to their lineage, the local environment, or general life circumstances. In these cases you may want to consider allowing the character to have a custom list of character traits instead of the default list for their race.

This guide is a tool for adjusting a character’s trait list or making new lists entirely for a homebrew race. A new player may want to stick to their race’s default character traits to keep things simple, while a more experienced player may want a custom set of traits to better fit their character’s origin and experiences. In short, this guide serves as an optional tool best used by

  • Players who want to fine tune their character build.
  • Characters who don’t fit what’s normal or expected of their race.
  • GMs who are homebrewing a new race for their setting.
  • Groups that are OK with custom character trait lists being used.

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