Dungeon Grand Prix Hell Climb

Hell Climb is a new tale of corporate espionage, a town, and a point crawl, set in the world of Dungeon Grand Prix! AND THERE ARE DIRTBIKES EVERYWHERE!

Remember it’s not a race, IT’S AN ADVENTURE! and everything that CAN be in a kart, IS in a Kart! (Actually now it’s in DirtBikes)

On the edge of the emerald woods, at the base of Deadman’s Peak, is the ancient logging town, on the edge of hell, aptly named Hell Climb. Once a vibrant supplier of lumber for the kingdoms, it now lies in ruin.

Enter Valvus, the new mayor, who’s decided to turn the wreckage into an off road course for the Dungeon Grand Prix, under the tutelage of the Incinerator Triplets, inadvertently promising Dirt Bikes in the process. The course is months behind schedule, and the Circuit Council of 8 has sent the PCs to determine what is going on and get construction back on course. Rumors circle of winged demons devouring riders and construction workers.

No one knows what’s really going on here, but I just want mad air, bro.

To make things worse, EYE RBBR has set its monolithic eye on the town of Hell Climb, and plans to raze it to the ground, melting all souls into rubber.

Inside you may

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