Shadowdark Journeying on Non Hexcrawl Maps

Journeying to your Dungeons and Dangerous Destinations can be as fun as Dungeon Crawling itself, but if you don’t want to break out the hex paper and colored pens, try this optional Map Movement Journey system!

These rules for Shadowdark or any OSR game lets you use any type of world map you already have without having to rebuild it into a hex system. Or use no map at all – just let the Journey System create the travel experience for your players.

This Journey system is organized into the following sections

  • How to use Hexless Maps
  • Dividing your Map into Areas – Settled Lands and WIlderlands
  • How Dangerous is each Area?
  • How Far must I Journey?
  • The Journey itself – Wayfinding and Encounters
  • Getting there and XP for the Journey
  • Multiple new Encounter tables

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