Spiders, Beetles and Crustaceans for Roll20 VTT

What is an RPG if it doesn’t have giant spiders?
What is a whimsical magic forest without giant snails and dragonflies?
How could you delve into a deepwater cave without at least one fantasy crustacean laying in ambush?
I don’t know, but this collection of many legged creatures is sure to help!
All kinds of arachnids, insects and other chitinous beasts from The Creature Codex, Tome of Beasts and The Wild Beyond the Witchlight will help give your players the most interesting battle encounters.

Usable on Roll20 VTT out of the box!

27 unique tokens of various arthropod beasts + 4 additional solitary variations of swarm creatures

Balloon Spider
Bone Crab
Carrier Mosquito
Carrion Beetle
Crypt Spider
Death Butterfly Swarm
Death Butterfly
Fleshpod Hornet
Garroter Crab
Giant Dragonfly
Giant Fire Beetle
Giant Snail
Giant Water Scorpion
Holler Spider
Manabane Scarab Swarm
Manabane Scarab
Night Scorpion
Pestilence Beetle
Pestilence Swarm
Prismatic Beetle Swarm
Prismatic Beetle
Sand Spider
Shoreline Scrapper
Sniffer Beetle
Sporous Crab
Spurred Water Skate


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