Star City Snooper Settlement Market

Star City Snooper Settlement Market

This twelfth release of Star City Snooper focuses on an indoor settlement market. This location is the equivalent of a star age “farmer’s market”, where colonists of the outlying agricultural settlements come into the city to sell their harvested goods. Here you’ll find a wide assortment of things, from teas to produce to live plants to even milk and juices. This location also includes the price of some goods in credits.
While innocent enough on the surface of things, the market is a great location for the GM to insert some shady activities and goods. There’s a small handful of tips/suggestions for this throughout the book.

The Star City Snooper is an ongoing series of small products that detail the interiors and descriptions of various shops, dwellings, etc. that you would find in a futuristic star faring city. This product line serves space opera/star faring campaigns in the same manner that the Village Snooper line serves fantasy settings. The feel of these products is a mixture of futuristic and familiar elements.

Currency Conversion Note Some editions of Star City Snooper may mention cost of a good or service. This will be listed in “credits”. For conversion purposes, treat 1 credit as being roughly the equivalent of 1 banknote of common currency such as 1 U.S. dollar, 1 Euro, etc.

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