Tortoise Goblin Home Map Pack!

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Welcome to the Tortoise Goblin Home, a map inspired by the Horizonback Tortoise from Critical Role’s Wildemount setting.

This ramshackle community features an exterior and interior map, as well as transparent PNG assets that can be labeled over existing maps, and provides a wealth of social and combat opportunities for your homebrew campaign or module.

The exterior of the goblin home contains the armored plating of the tortoise, a fenced walkway (with doors leading to the interior), and rope rigging leading up to the upper level. The upper level contains several stations, including some mounted crossbows, some stowed barrels of oil, three different war horns and a large tribal drum, which the goblins sound during battle to drive fear into their enemies and bolster their own morale.

The interior of the goblin home contains several different chambers crated from thickly woven vines and haphazardly constructed flooring. Those chambers include:

1. Goblin Shrine – A large shrine to a goblin deity is located in the upper left, frequented often before and after battles with their enemies.

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