Vampires and Creatures of the Night for Roll20 VTT

The spooky season brings opportunities to once again set your players against familiar, yet all so dear folklore creatures.
Embark on a mission to defeat an evil vampire count with a fanatical priest and a couple of brooding vampire hunters!
Can the adventurers escape an old crypt, filled with ghouls and zombie limbs?
Two witches one is young and beautiful, another is old and grouchy, both offer heroes different paths. Which one will they believe?
or… you can always give the story a new spin. What if the werewolf is actually a good guy just trying to protect his neighbors from the pesky headless horseman?
Build your own story, be it scary or fun!

Usable on Roll20 VTT out of the box!

28 unique spooky tokens for your dark adventures

Barovian Witch
Blood Witch
Death Knight
Death’s Head Aberrant
Death’s Head Gnashing
Death’s Head Petrifying
Giant Bat
Gnoll Vampire
Mind Drinker Vampire
Strahd von Zarovich
Swarm of Bats
Swarm of Zombie Limbs
Vampire Hunter 2
Vampire Hunter
Vampire Lady
Vampire Lord
Vampire Spawn 2
Vampire Spawn
Vampiric Mist


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