Algadur’s Roleplay

A fan based roleplay within the D&D world, with an nice story which should last a number of months with either an experienced or new party. We have also added a new twist on a race, new magic items, new enemies and detailed information to support the DM throughout the whole story.

MAPS!!! We have also created a full, and quality, map pack for this roleplay which can be printed out to be used on table top, or uploaded and used on the online mediums.

Alongside the roleplay and map pack, we have also created a handout pack which is designed to be given either in person or in digital format to each member of your party to help with character creation.

As such, this download has 3 pack for 1 price. Roleplay, Map pack and handout. We are hoping it’s beyond value for money.

Created by roleplayers for roleplayers, we hope this content encourages you to bookmark “Kaiolas Gaming” and pay for the content. More downloads, means the quicker we will be able to produce further content for our fans.


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