Cults of RuneQuest The Earth Goddesses

Cults of RuneQuest The Earth Goddesses is the player’s guide to the earth pantheon of Glorantha!

This book covers the mythology of the Earth pantheon of gods, and provides mechanics for each of their cults to create your RuneQuest adventurer.

What’s Inside?

The Goddesses of the Earth

Asrelia   The Grandmother Goddess

Cults of RuneQuest The Earth Goddesses features 16 cults, including Uleria Goddess of Love, Ty Kora Tek Goddess of the Dead, Donandar God of Music, Asrelia Goddess of Wealth and Fortune, Maran Gor the Earthquake Goddess, and more.

The book also includes cults especially suitable for non human adventurers such as Aldrya, the Ancestress of the Elves, and Mostal, the Maker of the Dwarves!

Three Grain Goddesses

Build Your Earth Priestess

Ernalda the Earth Goddess

New rules to use these cults in character creation in RuneQuest, detailing the skills, passions, spirit magic, and Rune magic these cults offer. You’ll also find new cult specific skills and even some Rune magic! Embody the power of your god with rules for how your adventurer can grow into a God talker, Rune Priestess, or even a mighty Rune Lord.

Maran Gor   The angry earth

The Lore of the Earth


The book details the unique organization, history, and nature of each of its 16 cults. It also covers the storied history of the Earth pantheon—mythology of blooming life, death, and transformation.


Note This supplement can be used with the RuneQuest core rules, or combined with the other books in the Cults of RuneQuest line to build a RuneQuest adventurer belonging to multiple cults.

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