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In the Dark Future, data is power, and no one owns more data than Danger Gal, Night City’s premiere investigation and security NeoCorp. Run by Michiko Sanderson (née Arasaka – yes, that Arasaka!), Danger Gal’s archives contain information on everything and everyone worth knowing.

And lucky you, choomba, we’ve prepared a copy of those archives for download straight into your Cyberpunk RED game. Inside Danger Gal Dossier you’ll find information on Mooks, Lieutenants, Mini Bosses, and Bosses – of both the standard and hardened varieties. You’ll learn about the factions of Night City, from Edgerunning Crews and Nomad Packs to Boostergangers and elite Trauma Team squads.

And when the plethora of NPCs we’re giving you in Danger Gal Dossier isn’t enough, you’ll find the guidelines you need to bring your own Night City denizens to life.


Danger Gal Dossier includes…

  • Lore and details on fifteen of Night City’s factions, including the NCPD, Maelstrom, Tyger Claws, Trauma Team, 6th Street, and the Bozos.
  • Stats and biographies on over 100 NPCs, ranging from newly inducted gang members to powerful cyberpsychos ready to rip up The Street.
  • Guidelines for creating your own NPCs, of any power level, from Mook to Hardened Boss.
  • A new mission set in Night City featuring the one and only Danger Gal and a mysterious second faction. Want to know more? Play to find out!

Play with Less Prep!

In this Roll20 Package, you’ll find everything from the book and more!

  • All text laid out in easy to read handouts, or found in your Compendium!
  • Every statblock pre filled in your Compendium, with in app drag and drop!
  • Every map, with pre placed tokens, GM layer information, and Dynamic Lighting support (requires plus / pro subscription)!
  • Every rollable table ready to roll with Rollable Tables and Macros!
  • All tokens and handouts combined in a Art Pack in your Art Library!

Accessing your Content

Addon This product includes an Addon that can be added to any new or existing campaign. On the Game Details page of the desired game, scroll down to the Game Addons section. Select the desired Addon from the dropdown menu and then click add to game. Everything from the Addon will be available next time you enter the game.
Compendium You can access all of the rules, items, and creatures from this product in the in app compendium, as well as clicking on “Compendium” where “Buy Now” was located prior to purchasing.
Art Pack You can access the Art Pack under the Premium Assets section of the Art Library in app. These assets are only available for in app use.

Which Character Sheet should I use?
All Cyberpunk RED content on Roll20 uses the Cyberpunk RED by Roll20 character sheet.

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