Garymere’s Collection of Curious Crafts Volume 1

A collection of 12 new items suitable for D&D 5e!

  • Burstpouch
  • Dust of Rust
  • Energizing Potion
  • Mantle of Opulence
  • Ring of Endurance
  • Ring of Sight
  • Ring of the Banshee
  • Ring of Tricks
  • Runestone
  • Sentient Belt Buckle
  • Slate of Linking
  • Sparkstone

Garymere Wickfin, of course you’ve already heard of him. A genius storyteller, master of card games, humble to the core, and expert on interesting items. Gracious as he is, he has decided to share his knowledge of curios and oddities… so that you don’t get scammed.

This is “Garymere’s Collection of Curious Crafts”, a chapbook in which Garymere Wickfin describes and comments upon the items claimed from those he met and bested at the table.

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This item is produced by Bas Klein

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