September WIP Teaser! Neria, Noctuoidea Decertator

A fortress of defense is the foundation upon which the tides of battle break.

Apologies for the lateness of our first preview. I’m sure you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the theme of next month! For September, we’re going to be back in the Twilight Forest with the mothfolk, our third most popular faction according to our patron poll! This is meant to be the same character in 2 poses, but I wasn’t sure whether we should portray each pose on a separate image just to make her more impressive. What do you think?

Neria – Noctuoidea Decertator

The Decertators are heavily armored knights who fight with sword and shield. They aren’t typically mounted despite the weight of their armor, as they usually form the front line of an attack, protecting lightly armored archers or mages behind their ranks. Neria is a skilled warrior, used to being in the thick of battle. Her calm, patient style of defense has served her very well. Though Decertators have a reputation for not lasting long, either dying or taking career-ending wounds far more frequently than other companies, Neria is a veteran of five battles. This is an unprecedented number for her ilk, and has earned her the moniker “The Fortress”.

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