Eberron Oracle of War 02 Voice in the Machine Battle Maps DM Supplement for DDAL EB 02

Eberron Oracle of War 02 Voice in the Machine Battle Maps DM Supplement for DDAL EB 02

Are you running Eberron Oracle of War? Your players can become fully immersed in the second adventure, Voice in the Machine,with this set of 4K resolution battle maps.

Spoilers (players, stop reading now)


What?! Kalli Alran and the Gray Dogs have gone missing? Will your party reach the Fireweave Bazaar and rescue the missing salvage crew?

Use this battle map pack to facilitate your players’ journey through Oracle of War DDAL EB 02 Voice in the Machine as they attempt to rescue Kalli and her crew. The Fantasy Grounds module has walls, line of sight, lights, and animated effects where applicable.


This supplement includes

  • Fireweave Bazaar Map 1 (Areas 1 7) Players can explore areas/events including Map Board, Carpet Realm, Cleanup Crew, Dragon’s Hoard, Grand Attire, Market Crier, and Hall of Illusions.
  • Fireweave Bazaar Map 2 (Areas 9 12) This map can help facilitate the battle between the Gray Dogs and the warforged raiders. Areas include Musk (perfume shop), Hounds of Barrakas, Message Station, and Bolts & Tumblers.
  • Fireweave Bazaar Map 3 (Ruined Basement) Hey, player, stop reading right now.They gone? Good… because this area holds the titular item the Oracle of War. Players will see the animated text effect leading from the crate where the Oracle is found.
  • Shop signs Including Carpet Realm, Maintenance Compartment, Dragon’s Hoard, and Grand Attire.
  • Animated Market Crier and Text Effects The Market Crier and Oracle of War item both have animated text effects to represent read aloud text from the module.
  • Missing in the Mournland Poster A visual aid of the missing poster to help your players understand that Kalli and the Gray Dogs have gone missin’!




Why does this supplement not include area 8 from the DDAL EB 02 module?The area of the Fireweave Bazaar that includes area 8 is relatively empty. I decided to run the encounter with Blade, the warforged raider, and the warforged reinforcements using theatre of mind gameplay.


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