Forest Sanctuary, Public 30×36

Hello, everyone!

The sanctuary of the Goddess has been left unattended for several years. The walls are crumbling apart, and the wild vegetation has taken claim of the once-beautiful place of worship.

But a new resurgence of the goddess’ religion is taking place across the land, and many clerics from all over are starting to find and restore this places of power to their former glory.

Your players are now tasked with helping the clerics rebuild, for there are still many that are not happy with the idea of the goddess’ return.

The creature tokens for this map are a Bloodthirsty Giant, a Half-Elf Ranger and a Venomous Monster Toad. Emerald tier gets the Bloodthirsty Giant while Diamond tier gets all three. In addition, Sapphire tier gets extra creature token variants.

Thank you very much for your support as always and have fun!

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