Hermitu2019s Retreat Battle Map Launch

Hello Adventurers! Here is our latest map release, this one should be useful for most fantasy settings. It’s an old shack, a Hermit’s Retreat, that sits at the edge of a moor. I love Moorland as a location, it’s so moody and bleak, with plenty of potential for atmospheric encounters.

VTT Foundry Scene files!

I’ve started adding Foundry VTT Scene files to the Delver Tier releases. I’ll be setting up lighting and walls for all my maps in the future. It’s going to be a slow process to get the old maps updated, but I’ll keep adding them as and when I have time. I’m new to Foundry so if you have any feedback on how I’ve been creating them let me know. I believe the newest 3 maps have Foundry files available (more coming soon).

To use them you simply:

  1. Download the VTT file (It will be listed as FoundryVTT_MapName in the downloads)
  2. Open your Foundry Client
  3. Open your Campaign
  4. In the Scene Tab, select the Create Scene Button and create a new scene. (It doesn’t matter what the scene is called or the settings, they will all be replaced later).
  5. After making the scene, Select Import Data for the new scene.
  6. Select the ‘FoundryVTT_MapName’ file and import. You will get a new scene with the map name you imported, BUT you will not see the map yet!
  7. Select Configure for your new scene.
  8. Update the Background Image by clicking on the icon to its right and browse to your map image.
  9. All map scenes should have lighting and walls.

For those that asked, I’ve looked at Moulinette, it’s cool and something I may look at in the future but currently I want to get my Foundry Scene files uploaded here first.

Next Maps

I’ll be creating the Dire Beavers Dam for the end of the month (that’s going to be so fun), with Beacon Hill coming next month.

  • Dire Beaver Dam/Lodge
    Imagine a huge beaver dam blocking a river. It’s a great place to cross but oh no! Giant beavers! And they are out for blood! They could make for a great wilderness encounter.
  • Beacon Hill
    I want to create a lookout post at the top of a hill. The first defence against danger, it’s a great place to set a battle encounter with something attacking a settlement. Or maybe the fire must be lit and your party is tasked with doing it before time runs out!

Thanks so much for your support! Please take a look at the Foundry VTT files if you are interested and let me know what you think. Have a wonderful weekend and as always happy adventuring! Now let’s go explore this lonely old ramshackle hut on the edge of the moors. Ignore the howling in the distance, it’s probably just werewolves or something.

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