Junkers Danger at Dark Hole

Junkers Danger at Dark Holeis the second adventure set in the Junkers Universe, an original, grim and gritty science fiction setting, compatible with Shadowdark RPG or easily adaptable to your preferred system. When combined with the free Shadowdark Quickstart Rules, Danger at Dark Holegives you all you need to run a 3+ hour game session.

In Danger at Dark Hole, the moon sized Xeno vessel known as the ArkHive is now home to a number of mining camps, staging posts and trade settlements. Your players are a crew of Junkers hired to find out what’s going on at Dark Hole – a mining outpost on the dark side of the ArkHive. Miners recently sent word of an exciting andpotentially profitable discovery, but shortly after cut off all contact. Your players must journey to the mine and see what strange alien horrors have been uncovered by the unwary miners…

Danger at Dark Hole follows on from our first Junkers adventure, Scratching the Surface,and further expands this original setting andnew mechanics for spaceship ownership and combat, as well as providing original monsters and NPCs.

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