Mythic Giants and Trolls for Roll20 VTT

Creatures of myths and legends come to life on your tabletop today!
In every corner of the world, from the tallest cliffs to the deepest parts of the sea, ancient giants await your heroes on their quest!
Snowy peaks of long forgotten mountains call brave heroes to adventure despite of frost giants and jotuns being on the prowl.
Guilds of ravnica are at odds with each other again, always ready to utilize their mighty brutes.
Trolls hide under every bridge. What is their toll? Will the heroes pay or fight their way through?
Will they become Ettin’s meal or a smear in a titanic footstep of Doomwake giant, or defeat enormous enemy against all odds?
Adventure awaits!

Usable on Roll20 VTT out of the box!

25 unique fantasy tokens of giants for epic adventures

Aquatic Troll
Blood Giant
Bloodfray Giant
Cave Giant Shaman
Dire Troll
Doomwake Giant
Flab Giant
Four armed Troll
Frost Giant Everlasting One
Hundred Handed One
Ice Troll
Lake Troll
Mountain Giant
Nivix Cyclops
Orzhov Giant
Phase Giant
The Bagman
Void Giant


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