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By readers’ request, Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints are proud to offer this art free, unillustrated edition of The Oldskull Dungeon Generator.

Whether you are a phone or tablet user, or if you are concerned about PDF file size, or you want to encourage content creators to not use AI generated artwork, or simply for aesthetic reasons, you will find that this edition contains the complete original text without any illustrations. (Diagrams created by the author are still included for purposes of clarity.)

Please note that pagination is compacted and very different in this edition; a PDF bookmarked Table of Contents has been provided for ease of reference.

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Greetings once again, and welcome to the Castle Oldskull project of old school inspired game design.

This supplement features an immense Gygaxian OSR random dungeon generator system, crammed into a relatively small number of pages. This supplement is focused on empowering you to create the sprawling level 1 of any mega dungeon, or any smaller dungeon set to challenge adventurers of experience levels 1 to 3. The challenge levels of the monsters, traps, tricks, and treasures all reflect that difficulty level.

You can use this book to design any number of dungeons, and if your group is patient you can even use it during play. You will also find some experimental solitaire rules here, if you like to practice the dungeon crawling yourself! This book’s systems interlock with the Classic Dungeon Design Guide series (Books I IV) as well as the Book of Dungeon Traps if you want to add more detail to any aspect of the design.

The system is comprised of many branching D100 and D1000 tables. Sub systems are provided to generate

(1) starting areas, (2) random doorways, (3) corridors, (4) dead ends, (5) level connectors (stairs etc.), (6) unusual level connectors (teleporters, slides, etc.), (7) monster lairs, (8) monster guarded treasures, (9) room size and dimensions, (10) room exits, (11) unusual doors, (12) room contents (lair, trap, trick, etc.), (13) side passages, (14) traps, (15) tricks (a full 17 page system with millions of potential results), and (16) unguarded treasure hoards.

At the end you’ll find an Appendix with troubleshooting and solitaire advice, and a quick reference hyperlink section which will allow you to flip through the tables quickly.

Another fine release from Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints, Only the Finest Works of Fantasy


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