Primordial Frost Goblin (One Page Monster)

The Primordial Frost Goblins share their origins with the Hill and Stone Goblins, all of whom can trace their lineage back to a distant time when Maglubiyet, the Goblin god, sought to create an army of primordial goblins using the stolen blood of Annam, the giant deity. The Hill Goblins were the first, born from this audacious experiment, but they soon parted ways with Maglubiyet’s grand goblinoid army, pursuing a simpler, nomadic existence on various worlds, often feasting on cattle.

The Stone Goblins followed as Maglubiyet’s second attempt, but they met a grim fate at the hands of the giants. Some Stone Goblins escaped and became rare artifacts, highly valued for their link to this enigmatic period of goblin history.

Finally, the Frost Goblins emerged as Maglubiyet’s third and favorite attempt at creating primordial goblins. Unlike their Hill and Stone Goblin cousins, the Frost Goblins were spared from the slaughter during the ‘war with the giants.’ Instead, Maglubiyet hid them away across multiple worlds within the Astral Sea, safeguarding his favored creations. The largest concentration of Frost Goblins can now be found in the frigid realms of Icewind Dale on Toril and the chilling expanses of Icereach on Krynn

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