Primordial Stone Goblin (One Page Monster)

The roots of the Primordial Stone Goblins extend deep into antiquity, preceding even the earliest goblin migrations from the Feywild. Originating during the age of primordials, their lineage is shrouded in enigma. According to ancient lore, Maglubiyet seized a vial containing Annam’s blood, a pivotal act that gave rise to these oversized goblinoids. Fashioned as rivals to the giants, their true purpose within Maglubiyet’s grand scheme remains veiled in the mists of time.

However, the Primordial Stone Goblins endured a grim fate as Maglubiyet’s bid for dominance led to their confrontation with the giants. Many perished in these clashes, leaving their numbers scarce. Their scarcity and the artifacts they left behind have elevated their significance, with their remnants fetching considerable value in the market. A tantalizing, yet unproven, rumor whispers of a hidden colony of these beings beneath Waterdeep’s Undermountain. Durnan, the proprietor of the Yawning Portal, is said to offer a handsome reward to any who can substantiate this claim, though evidence remains elusive.

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