Street Pirates Thieves and Assassins

This is the second chapter of the Gameron Urchins series! Check out Stolen Winds of teh Street Pirate if you want to start from the beginning. In this level 2 one shot, a group of close friends is offered initiatino to the Thieves’ or Assassins’ guild.

Welcome to the lawless port city of Gameron. This city is a refuge for criminals, where somebody might kill you for cheating at cards, but nobody will take it personally. After all, they would have cheated you had the tables been turned. Loyalties here are not to king and country, but to brethren in arms, family, and sometimes to the powerful Thieves’ Guild and Assassin’s Guild. While Gameron might be under the jurisdiction of the current king, no guard or official would dare set foot in the city, even in disguise.You now know for sure that the Thieves’ Guild is based in Gameron, and you have a chance to help them keep Gameron under their rule. Or perhaps…you may help the Assassins take over.

Note This adventure is designed for the world Ferella, but all the information you need to play this module is contained within this document. Resources from further guides on Ferella can be used to expand the adventure into a longer campaign, or to unlock more races, backgrounds, and classes for characters.

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