Trouble in Tranquillity Town

A hushed mystery has befallen this town is treachery afoot? Magic? or has the whole town succumb to their darkest desires. Was it the alchemist in the Inn with the candlestick? Or is the Mayor a puppet for a devil? Maybe the priest decided he just didn’t like people.

This 1 2 session short adventure

forces players to test their wills and wits against an unknown force hidden in the tiny town. Try to investigate, interrogate, and decipher clues before losing yourself and the town. So come to Tranquility town, where friend and foe can share the same body. This module uses D&D 5E SRD C.C runtime 3 4 hours, for level 4 5 adventurers. The module offers a fun mystery romp along with accessible language and world for your players. D&D.

npc descriptions

riual rules


this book is designed with accessibility in mind if you are looking to make disabled npcs and environment settings but feel stomped this adventure is made to teach you that on top! from instructions how to rp disabled npcs, to explaining how to make scenery accessible!

27 pages

item table

npc description pages

rage table you can use in your own games!

includes battle map

comes with dyslexia friendly version

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