u201cKappa, Ramen Enthusiastu201d (Crossover with Bite the Bullet!)

This month we’re doing a cross-promo with Bite the Bullet!

All our supporters get their Kappa, Ramen Enthusiast” as a free extra this month. This model includes a step-by-step Painting Guide from them. All the files are in the Patron Download Link post from this month; just look in the dropbox for the folder “Cross Promo BiteTheBullet”

Please download this file before the end of the month, as we don’t upload our Cross Promos to MMF for archiving! For Merchants, this file is not a part of our Merchant license and cannot be sold unless you also have a BiteTheBullet merchant license.

This month they’re doing Owlfolk, and you can watch the Full Trailer of the release on YouTube.

And on top of all that you’ll get their current Throwback Pack.

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Check it out!