Toys of Loomlurch A Witchlight Supplement

Toys of Loomlurch!

In Skabatha Nightshades workshop the kids are slaving away making toys. The Tin Soldiers can now use those toys against the PCs who are trying to infiltrate Loomlurch. Let Tin Soldiers rip toys from the shelves and toss them at your PCs!

They are ment to be used to slow down and hamper the movement of the PCs while a single Tin Soldier runs to fetch Granny Nightshade, making the combat more tactical and interesting.

Included toys

  • Music Box Dancer
  • Weighted Teddy Bear
  • Wind Up Chomper Toy
  • Harrowing Clockwork Bat
  • Chaos Spinner
  • Musical Jolly Chimp
  • Duck Demolisher
  • Electrified Slinky Blink Dog
  • Matryoshka Doll
  • Tin Soldier Rifleman (A CR 4 ranged attack Tin Soldier with a clockwork rifle your PCs may loot)
Each toy comes with handout and token
Music Box DancerElectrified Slinky DogTin Soldier Rifleman
Magic Loot

Included are also 3 magic items the PCs may salvage from the wreckage of the destroyed toys.

I hope these delightfully devious toys will bring chaos and joy to your table.

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This item is produced by Goofy Spook

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