Meow Guys!

Today RPGWorld launches Meowstery, a minimalist rpg where you play as a cat.

This project was created in partnership with Capa Comics for’s One Page RPG Jam 2023, themed around secrets and rumours. We developed this game with our cats in mind, we have six (Trovão, Ventania, Bruce, Prince, Laka and Mia), we were inspired by their curiosity, their special ways, their gatisses and how they brighten our lives.

The system is simple, each player creates his cat by choice or draw based on his Manners based on his coat (everyone knows that a cat’s behavior is based on his colors…) and his Catness (cats don’t have flaws or problems, they have catness). Then choose or raffle the meowstery you went to investigate. Finally, decide on some details like the name of the city, dangers, etc. Oh yes, everyone lives together and someone waits for you to come home after the tour.

Each turn, one of the players (you decide if it’s random, drawn, in order, each one decides the next one) chooses a different marker on the map or in the list of places to investigate, draws a problem that prevents the investigation from advancing and describes the situation. Then you together decide how to react, try to solve the problem and take the Test.

The Test consists of rolling all the dice you have in the dice pool (Will) and looking at the results If you have more evens than odds, you overcome the problem and move on to the next player, otherwise you remain in the same place, you lose one. die of Will and must try again. If any of the other players uses his Manners, his Catness or involves Meowstery, he can roll an odd die again, but only one element per player, that is, up to three odd dice rolled again. Finally, if the final Test result only has even dice, you can recover a lost Will die.

The Will starts at seven, and you need to go seven places before returning home with the Meaustery solution. If they lose all Willpower, they lose interest in investigating and just wander around or return home.

This game was designed to be played competitively (whoever gets home first with the Meowery), cooperatively (as described), in a group or solo (in this case you can only use one game element to reroll yes it’s more difficult). A match lasts an average of half an hour and is easily explained so that children can participate.

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We hope you enjoy!

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